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Your LUXE Senior Session includes up to TWO hours of shoot time with Suzanne, professional MAKEUP and HAIRSTYLING with TWO hair & makeup looks, up to FOUR wardrobe selections, total access to our COUTURE STYLE CLOSET, and your Premier Ordering Session!

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Your LITE Senior Session includes up to ONE hour of shoot time with Suzanne, PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP and HAIRSTYLING before your shoot, TWO wardrobe selections, total access to our COUTURE STYLE CLOSET, and your Premier Ordering Session!



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Clients tell us that one of their favorite parts of their whole senior experience with us is the Premier Ordering Session!  Come get cozy on our couch in front of our huge TV, help yourself to some snacks, and enjoy seeing your images for the first time.  We'll walk you through making selections of your top images and putting them together in the perfect display.  We'll even customize products during your ordering session so you leave with everything already designed exactly how you love it!

Albums • Prints • Canvas • Metals

premier ordering session

Emily B.

I loved how much time and effort Suzanne put into each and every photo to make sure the angle, lighting, or anything else was just right for me.  My session was so much fun!


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